Advanced Security and Defence Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials supplies precision-engineered materials, components and assemblies to meet the exacting standards of the international defence and security markets.

Materials technology and manufacturing capability are combined to produce solutions that deliver real performance benefits in security and defence applications, from military hardware to surveillance equipment.

In the area of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), comfort and freedom of movement must be combined with optimum protection for the wearer.

Morgan’s latest Silverback 4020 Elite EOD suit, combines new technology, cutting edge materials and premium quality garment construction. Innovations to the suit include quick-release technology, which allows the user to get out of the suit, unaided, in less than 20 seconds, while the ergonomics and design of the suit afford the user the freedom of movement to crouch, crawl and climb as required - ideal for when forensic evidence needs to be gathered.

Meanwhile its LASA AC914 and AC915 lightweight combat helmets harness the properties of modern composite materials and a configurable suspension to deliver outstanding ballistic performance and comfort. Between them, the helmets offer unparalleled protection against blunt trauma and 9mm rounds, alongside exceptional fragmentation protection. They come with an optional visor and mandible guard to provide even greater high-impact protection for the eyes and face.

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