Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials produces a broad variety of components for use in medical monitoring instrumentation as well as in tools for treatment and surgery.

Medical engineering demands the highest standards of precision, accuracy, reliability and performance. Equipment manufacturers and medical professionals choose the Group’s materials for their exceptional physical characteristics.

Experience over many years has given the Group a good understanding of the uniquely demanding environment in which equipment for the global medical market is developed. The Group’s capability in materials innovation and quality manufacturing allows Morgan to produce parts which are optimised to meet precise complex physical and chemical specifications.

Recent innovations include the introduction of brazed ceramic-to-metal assemblies for medical imaging applications using ceramic insulators. The assemblies are manufactured with proprietary grades of high purity alumina ceramic with superior electrical and dimensional stability across a wide temperature range. The assemblies for imaging components include high voltage insulators for cardiothoracic (CT) scanning equipment, anodes and cathodes, filament insulators, getters and headers, as well as ceramic components used in vacuum tubes for x-ray equipment. Morgan’s materials and manufacturing process result in better seals with maximum hermeticity for high performance and extended life cycle. Advanced ceramics also allow higher voltages, which result in higher power and improved image resolution.

Morgan has also launched its own range of standard brazed ceramic filament supports for x-ray and analytical equipment, drawing on Morgan’s proven high purity alumina grade Sintox FF material. The supports are available in standard and custom shapes, in small and large volumes, while a variety of braze materials can be used, including gold nickel, gold copper and silver copper eutectic. Custom designs can incorporate variations in pin size, form and material.

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