Advanced Petrochemical Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures a range of components ideally suited to the uniquely demanding operating environments found in the global petrochemical industry.

The Group’s products and materials are routinely chosen to fulfil critical applications for on and offshore exploration, drilling and downstream processing thanks to their resistance to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat. 

For example, due to their unique microstructure, the Group’s zirconia materials exhibit a property known as ‘transformational toughening’ which makes them exceptionally strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The Group uses them to engineer hard-wearing parts for pumps, drilling machinery and specialist fluids handling equipment.

Morgan has also responded to the drive to reduce cost by designing systems with larger pipe diameters which require fewer devices overall by enhancing its capability to manufacture balls up to DN250 in diameter for severe service valves from its acclaimed Nilcra® zirconia-based material which delivers exceptional strength and toughness together with erosion and corrosion resistance. This compares with a previous maximum size of DN150. 

Our high temperature insulation fibre exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion and extreme heat, making them ideal for furnace lining systems and complete fire protections systems.  

Our range of PGS100 graphite loaded silicon carbide bearings are the recommended choice for a wide variety of petroleum industry equipment including use within highly corrosive sour crude at 371oC, an environment that no other materials currently perform within.

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