Advanced Transportation Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials makes high-performance components and sub-assemblies to exacting standards for aerospace, automotive, marine and rail applications, including carbon brushes and collectors for trains and high-temperature fibre products used for emission control in vehicles.

The Group combines its materials science and manufacturing capabilities to offer consistent and reliable products in flexible production quantities, from small - even one-off - runs to high-volume. 

Over the years the Group has applied its materials know-how to solve engineering challenges and enhance performance for air, sea and land transport systems.

Morgan’s latest earth return brush holder system for the rail sector is designed to better overcome the problems of vibration and system movement, and movement between the brush and shaft that frequently reduce the quality of brush contact impacting performance. The unit uses a freshly-designed single piece casing, in contrast to previous composite designs, which along with the flange and brushes is insulated with a high-strength powder coating, and can be fitted to new vehicles or retro-fitted as required. 

Boasting rugged construction from carbon, graphite, and silicon carbon-based materials, Morgan’s axial and radial seals for the aerospace sector offer supreme reliability in engines, airframes, and ground-based turbine engines operating in severe service conditions. The seals are ideal for use in a variety of low and high volume sealing applications, including hydraulic systems, valve and actuator assemblies.

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