Chris - Graduate Materials Scientist


My main criteria when choosing a job after graduating were that it should be intellectually challenging, varied, directly related to my materials science degree, and that it should have clear training and progression set out for the first few years. I think I struck lucky in finding the Morgan Graduate Development Programme because I found all these things but with the added bonus of being part of a global company with opportunities for working abroad.

My first role is as a materials scientist so definitely related to my degree! I am doing research on a lab scale which is not too different from university lab work except that it is more collaborative and has a more specific purpose so I am comparatively within my comfort zone for now, but not for long! My next role in the company will probably be something completely different and probably in a foreign country so that will bring an extra challenge.

By talking to Morgan graduates from around the world at the programme launch and training events, I know more about what different jobs within the company entail and I can start to plan my future career. Talking to leaders within the business who were present at these events also helped greatly. Many of them have taken circuitous routes to arrive where they are now but that has been part of what has made them successful. Although I still don’t know what it is I want to be doing in five years’ time, I know some possible options and the steps that I should take now to move towards the kind of role I’m interested in, aided by the training and support of the GDP.

Chris May-Miller

Morgan Advanced Materials,