Responsible Business Programme

The RBP is the Group-wide ethics and compliance programme, launched in 2010, providing a policy/compliance framework underpinning the Groups commitment, and ensuring a common approach, to doing business the right way.

The core elements of the RBP are values, policies/guidance, training/education and compliance risk assessment.

Core Values

We use our Core Values Statement, alongside our other statements of policy and conduct, to help give guidance to our staff. It is intended to have practical value in our day to day business. 

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The RBP policies are the Ethics, Competition/Anti-Trust, Export and Donations and Sponsorships policies. 

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The Morgan Code

Central to the Morgan leadership behaviours is always working safely & ethically, read how the Morgan Code addresses this.

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Raising awareness of and educating employees on the Group policies and the applicable laws and regulations is a fundamental part of the RBP.

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Risk Assessment

Regular compliance risk assessments across the Group help to identify those businesses which have a higher risk of a compliance breach, often associated with high risk territories. 

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The section includes details on how the policies are cascaded, how the training is given and what have the risk assessments shown. 

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This section includes details on annual certification, internal audit and ethics hotline. 

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The Programme Going Forward

This section includes the plans to further develop the Responsible Business Programme. 

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