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Morgan Advanced Materials

During my Morgan site visits I have been able to engage directly with our employees

These interactions have enabled me to reinforce the messages regarding Morgan's culture and the Morgan Code as well as receiving honest, and in some cases robust, feedback from our employees which I have been able to share with my Board colleagues. 

My lasting impression is of an enthusiastic workforce that is embracing the strategies of the Executive Committee and is committed to working safely and ethically. I thank all of our employees for their hard work in improving the business and achieving the 2019 results. 

Morgan's Performance

In my statement for last year's Annual Report I indicated that we were experiencing a slowing of economic growth and tightening of market conditions as we looked to 2019. Several companies considered to be industrial market peers of Morgan have indicated profit warnings during 2019. It is pleasing to report therefore that Morgan has achieved another year of underlying organic growth with strong cash flow and reduced underlying leverage. 

Group culture

The Board's overriding concern is that we should embrace a culture of always "doing the right thing" in ways that are respectful to all Morgan's stakeholders and the environment. The Board has zero tolerance of accidents and unsafe practices and insists that we should operate ethically. In 2019 the Group achieved a further reduction in the rate of accidents and improved our environmental footprint through reduced energy and water intensities. 

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Our Outlook

As we move into 2020, our markets remain challenging and we are expecting weak market conditions from 2019 to persists. However we will continue to press on with the implementation of our strategy and I look forward to seeing what can be achieved in 2020.

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