Tom Ford announced as Fused Silica Product Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials


Former President of George Ford & Sons, Tom Ford, has been appointed as Fused Silica Product Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials’ Haldenwanger® Business. This bolsters Morgan’s position in the fused silica roller industry, through his extensive experience.

A son of the founder of George Ford & Sons, a heavyweight in the fused silica industry in the USA, Ford built his career for over 40 years and has worked in all aspects of the business. He will be in prime position to represent Morgan in this demanding industry. 

The demand for fused silica rollers is rising, with the fused silica market expecting to grow 5.9% per annum. Morgan’s fused silica rollers offer a superior thermal shock resistance and material strength to ensure a consistently high quality, scratch-free glass. The rollers run true over a long life in the glass tempering furnace thanks to Morgan’s innovative mechanical endcaps.

Morgan’s Haldenwanger® business already has a significant presence in Europe and Asia.  With the addition of Ford, whose reputation is well known in the industry and being based in the USA, it showcases how Morgan is becoming a key player in this developing market.

Ford will be attending Morgan’s exhibition at the GlassBuild America conference in Las Vegas, September 12-14, 2018.  Morgan Advanced Materials will be exhibiting at Booth 538 at GlassBuild America. Please stop by to congratulate Ford and see Morgan’s impressive offering.

“I am looking forward to beginning this new chapter of my career with Morgan Advanced Materials.” says Ford.  It will be a great opportunity at the GlassBuild exhibition to chat with customers and anyone who wants to learn more about how fused silica rollers can shape their business.

“I cannot wait to get started. The market is constantly changing, and my new role will involve a lot of consultations.”

Ford goes on to say: “I will be working mainly in North America in this role, and with my experience, I’ll be able to help customers save time and cost on fuse silica applications. I am very excited about working with Morgan.”

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