Monitoring and Assurance

Morgan routinely monitors and audits adherence to ethics and compliance policies and processes, to support continuous improvement.

Employees, contractors or other third parties who have any ethics and compliance concerns, or witness something they believe to be a breach of a company policy or law, can raise the concern to their managers; supporting teams or directly to the Group Ethics and Compliance team. We also provide a confidential “Speak Up” Integrity Line operated by an independent third party, where anyone associated with Morgan can anonymously raise a concern in their preferred language – by telephone or by web form – at any time. We are committed to reviewing every concern received, conducting an investigation where necessary, and will subsequently institute corrective and/or disciplinary action as appropriate.

Senior leaders in Morgan also annually certify that the area of the business under their responsibility has implemented and complied in full with Morgan’s global policies. Any exceptions or deviations must be declared and reviewed.