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When you join us, you will experience what it is like to be part of a company with a unifying purpose.

  • Whether as an engineer working on a customer’s bespoke solution,
  • A material scientist developing new products in one of our Centres of Excellence,
  • A manager for a multi-million pound production facility or,
  • An accountant aligned to one of our business clusters.

Gaurang has adapted to the era of change, learning remotely

Our Global Product Manager Gaurang was among the first to take part in Morgan’s new approach to learning this year. Gaurang reflects on his experience of working and learning remotely.

“We are living in an Era of ‘forced change’, so the idea of remote learning sounded difficult at the beginning. As we have slowly caught up with the realities of the new normal, the digital world has gained more popularity. With each member of my family occupying a different room in our home to work virtually every day it was difficult to start with, but slowly we have acclimatised ourselves. 

When I was nominated for online training, as part of my homeworking, I realised that this could be an ‘in-demand skill set’ and I was keen to equip myself for the future. I found the tool very flexible, allowing me to learn at my own pace and challenge myself with new chapter tests and topics. My excitement of scoring high for each chapter motivated me, as it reminded me of my university days.

My nomination to the training, alongside my fellow mentor group, made me feel excited about the journey. Throughout the experience I have learned valuable project management skills which will make me more efficient and effective in my project execution.”

Monika is developing her leadership skills with Morgan's new remote learning programme

HR Manager Monika is developing her softskills with Percipio, our next generation digital learning system. Morgan's remote learning programmes have provided an accessible development opportunity for wider Morgan teams during 2020. Monika commented on her recent development; "The online learning system is easy to use and allows me to create a customised learning path, by connecting topics with each other. I have enjoyed the flexibility of the training curriculum, which allows me to efficiently complete my learning & development remotely.

During these turbulent days, as a leader of a small team as well as a Management team member, I have to ensure that I create realistic and achievable goals for my team by demonstrating visionary leadership; my remote learning has allowed me take this successful approach.

On one hand, as a learner I am participating in the Unlocking Leadership Potential program in Percipio, but on the other hand, with our Regional Development Managers, I have supported in the roll-out of a customised regional learning programme which define a standard understanding of what leadership means; resulting in a collection of Expert Insights videos and interactive trainings to improve leadership skills across our organisation.

Percipio has helped me to develop my leadership capability, particularly the 'Leading through shared vision course’, which taught me the articulation of a vision that motivates people and drives business results."

Karlee began her Morgan journey on our Co-op scheme in the United States

Project/Controls Engineer Karlee started her career with Morgan as a manufacturing co-op at our Augusta, GA facility while she was still at school; working as a Quality Engineer followed by a Controls Engineer at the site. Upon graduation she was offered the opportunity to come back full time as a part of the Graduate Development Programme. She has since completed this and progressed to a permanent position with us.

Karlee has worked in several R&D and engineering roles, developing in her career by using her skills and passion in the most effective ways she could find. The one piece of advice she would give a young person considering a career in STEM is: “No matter where you go in life, always come to work every day ready to learn and try new things. Being successful in STEM means not giving up when a difficult problem is in front of you, but being excited to face and conquer whatever new challenges come your way.”

Our People Support STEM

Alexandra Chart, Corporate Development Director

In Summer 2019 Alex completed the Tour de France route - 21 gruelling stages in one of the toughest challenges and most prestigious races in the cycling world. What makes it even more remarkable is that there is not an official women’s stage race. Read about her amazing achievement here.

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