Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy and framework sets minimum standards, and provides guidance on what is expected of our sites. Our minimum standard is based on current requirements from the UK and US legislative codes and associated best practices. If a local country standard is better than these, sites are required to achieve that standard.

Governance of Policy is achieved through performance monitoring and the management and mitigation of identified risks to help provide continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Morgan is committed to providing effective leadership in pursuit of an environmentally responsible work place. The Chief Executive Officer, global business unit leadership teams and site management teams are responsible and accountable for environmental performance. There are environmental leaders and resources in each of the global business units.

Absolute water use down 13% on 2018

Our Group level environmental management processes include a monthly review of performance and progress in the implementation of our improvement plans by the Executive Committee and business leaders and regular review of performance by the Board.

An audit programme is conducted against the environmental framework, systems and KPIs with a focus on high-risk items. All of our manufacturing facilities are reviewed on a four-year rolling cycle.