Site Sustainability

Our sites are taking action to help support a more sustainable future. These actions support the communities in which we operate and the world as a whole.

Eliminating Industrial Solvent

Our Technical Ceramics teams in Massachusetts and California have collaborated to eliminate TCE an industrial solvent previously used in cleaning parts at our New Bedford facility. With support from the state of Massachusetts TURI (Toxic Use Reduction Institute), and some considerable effort and diligence by the teams, the facility was able to eliminate the use of TCE and ultimately nPB from the process.  Through this effort and collaboration the New Bedford operation was successful in reducing our environmental impact, improving the health conditions of the workplace and saving a significant amount of labour and raw materials from the process. Thank you to TURI for supporting us and well done to all of our team members who made this project a success. 

Stourport Goes Green

The Stourport Goes Green initiative was set up by our UK Seals and Bearings team, to drive lasting change and improvements in our environmental accountability. From reduced energy use, to switching to recycled options and implementing overall waste reduction; the team are working hard to make positive changes to our approach to a more sustainable future.

Augusta Single Use Plastic Elimination

Our Thermal Ceramics team in the North America have implemented the first phase of their plan to eliminate single use plastic water bottles. The project in Augusta alone has the potential to eliminate 250,000 single use plastic bottles per year, with each employee and embedded contractor receiving a reusable water bottle as part of the first phase. The team have also sent the same bottles to some of their sister sites in the US. A fantastic effort by the team to meet our environmental responsibilities.


The efforts of our individual sites are supported by the Group's purpose and sustainability targets. We are making incremental improvements towards a greener future.