Our approach to sustainability continues to evolve as we encompass more and more elements related to our operations, processes and products.

As part of our continuous improvement commitment in environmental management, we apply ‘lean’ principles to our processes, resulting in year-on-year improvements in all Group environmental metrics.

Our waste generation and recycling

Our progress

Waste generation improvements have been made at several sites, through an increased focus on waste segregation and by improving waste by category. This allows each site to better understand its waste streams in order to evaluate improvement opportunities. With a continued focus on improvements in production scheduling, and improved planning during production trials, in 2020 our businesses reduced waste intensity by 18% compared to 2019, with an overall waste generation reduction of 27% (on an absolute basis).

In 2020, a ‘Go Green’ initiative was set up by our UK Seals and Bearings business, to drive lasting change and improvements in our environmental accountability. From reduced energy use, to switching to recycled options and implementing overall waste reduction, the team is working hard to make positive changes to their approach. Since introducing the recycling programme 3.9 tonnes of waste have been diverted from landfill. Additionally, the site added further recycling bins to support and give back to the community.