Water is a precious resource and we're committed to using water effectively in our production processes and across our sites.

We are reducing our water usage through investment and employee engagement programmes.

Our Aspiration Our 2030 Goals
Use water sustainably across our business
  • 30% reduction in water use in high and extremely high stress areas
  • 30% reduction in total water usage

Our current water use

Our progress

Based on a three-year average (2018-2020), our Thermal Ceramics site in Augusta, Georgia, US accounts for 44% of all water use across the Group. In 2020 we therefore introduced an improved water monitoring system, which has allowed us to better track and control high water use areas within the site. We have invested in and installed additional water meters, improving efficiency and water recycling opportunities. This one site has reduced its absolute water use (m³) by 51% and water intensity (m³/£k) by 42% as compared to 2016.

At our facility in Stourport, UK water used in production processes comes from on-site wells. After engaging engineers to evaluate and control the amount of water used by each process, total water usage has been brought down by 20%. Water flow (used to cool our presses) is down by 30% as compared to 2019.

We are also focusing on water reductions in areas of high or extremely high-water stress. Water withdrawal in water stress areas accounts for 5-6% of our total water withdrawals. Water management plans will be integrated into regular facility assessments to proactively engage our workforce in reduction activities in order to address water-related issues within the watershed of these local communities.