At Morgan our people and their wellbeing is important to us. We have therefore built up a grass-roots wellbeing programme called ‘Better You, Better Life’, which also supports our company purpose of improving the quality of life. In a similar way to our Morgan safety week, the programme runs activities across the Group to promote healthy choices and encourages our people to take part.

To support better mental health awareness, we provide resources and links to charities and organisations across the globe that people can turn to for support. We have a two-way conversation with our people on the importance of recognising mental health issues at work, and dedicate a month to communicating with our people on the topic. In 2021, we trained our first mental health first-aiders and provide further support to our sites and remote employees.

Meet Alfie. Alfie reports to Mel, our Group Communications Director, four days a week and they have a recurring ‘walking’ meeting. Alfie benefits because his owner can’t get out much anymore. Mel benefits as she can’t have her own dog where she lives.

Through our Better You, Better Life programme we aim to share positive actions we can all take to improve our wellbeing and mental health.