Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Recruiting and retaining the best people from the widest possible talent pool is a priority at Morgan Advanced Materials, and that is why our gender diversity matters.

The UK Government introduced gender pay gap reporting regulations for companies with more than 250 employees. The phrase "gender pay gap" refers to the difference in the average earnings of men and women within the same organisation. There is an important distinction between gender pay gap reporting, which relates to pay averages across the organisation, and the concept of "equal pay", which refers to individual male and female employees being paid equally for doing the same job at the same level.

"We are committed to improving the gender diversity across our business. This data, reflecting part of our business, shows that we do not have an equal pay issue but we have more to do to increase female representation in our workforce, in particular at more senior levels. We have set a target of 40% of our leadership population being female by 2030 and we are putting plans in place across the business to deliver on that."
Pete Raby, CEO, Morgan Advanced Materials


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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020
Gender Pay Gap Report 2019
Gender Pay Gap Report 2018
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